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Látrabjarg is an enormous seabird colony

A perfect place for birdwatchers and photographers

The seabird colonies at Látrabjarg are enormous, and they include the world’s largest known Razorbill colony at Stórurð, scree beneath the cliff. The puffins, which dig their burrows in topsoil at the cliff’s edge, are not the most numerous species, but arguably the most noticeable. Other auks that breed at Látrabjarg are Razorbills, Common Guillemot and the Brünnich Guillemot, a high arctic species that is at its southern breeding limit in Iceland, and is one of the target birds for any serious birdwatcher visiting the country.


Hnjótur Museum is one of a kind

See one of the most interesting museum in Iceland

The previous farmer of the farm Hnjotur, Egill Olafsson († October 25th 1999) spent a large portion of his life collecting various items and articles of local and national historical importance for his museum. His interest and emphasis was for many reasons oriented towards the aviation history of the country. This museum is among the most interesting in the country and well worth the visiting. The museum also has very interesting setups from local history. Where can you see an old Viking ship, Russian airplane, a preach preparing to burry, old technology a lot of other things in the same little museum.

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